Supply Of Chemicals For The Maintenance Of Water Treatment Plants

Scheduled maintenance (through water treatment) can prevent the numerous problems that could arise in the cooling towers of central air conditioning systems and boilers. The customer benefits by way of reduction in energy use, and low down-time of operations. We, at Tech Waters, market a wide range of effective chemicals that eliminate the fromation of algae and sacle and prevent corrosion - which undoubtedly will lengthen the life span of the equipment and lead to operational efficiency.

We manufactured and market a series of effective chemicals with imported active ingredients for drinking water, swimming pools, waste water, boiler water and cooling tower water treatment.

Our experienced Chemical Engineers will visit your plant regularly, to ensure the effectiveness of the water treatment programme. They will analyse the water quality and make suitable recommendations. In special cases they will advise accordingly. The certificate of confidence issued by them will guarantee the effectiveness of the programme.